...the hoopoe is back!

Well, we are happy to have him back at the Wagram, mostly due to the efforts of Manfred and like-minded friends of nature (see ORF Universum TV documentary "The Return of the Hoopoe"). But one question remains: where does the hoopoe fly to, when he leaves the Wagram in late summer? Well - we are getting ready to find out and we hope, you will join us!

Here is the trailer of the upcoming TV-documentary "Hoopoe II - The Big Journey".




You haven't seen Manfred and his Hoopoe in Episode 1 - the story of the hoopoe resettling in Lower Austria's Wagram region? 

The first airing of Episode 1 "Return of the Hoopoe" took place on ORF Austrian Television in Octobre 2012. Since then, this  documentary has gone around the world, enchanting an audience from France to Japan, Sweden to Australia, Argentina to Thailand and many, many more.

And if you haven't seen the film, speak to Manfred and he might find a way ... :-)

(English Version of the Film is coming soon!)